About Publica Now Web Services

My name is Christopher W. Brown and I am a web developer and digital communications strategist based in our nation’s Capital. I have extensive experience helping organizations find website and digital communications solutions for that fit their circumstances.


Why Choice Publica Now

I am highly familiar with Drupal web development and core front-end web development technologies including JavaScript, CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript frameworks such as React.js and Vue.js. I have a strong working knowledge of and regularly work with vanilla CSS, Sass, and Bootstrap to rapidly create professional web designs. My main focus is on using Drupal to help clients create, design and maintain content driven websites and other ambitious digital experiences. I understand both the strategy and the technical side of social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. I can help you fully interact with your core audience and achieve a variety of marketing goals without any paid advertising or pestering your core supporters. I am also very familiar with Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. I can help you manage either a Google Grants account or regular AdWords account with maximum efficiency using AdWords Scripts and battle tested best practices.

Web Development

Full stack web development using industry recognized standards.

Drupal Web Development

Modern web development with Drupal 8 and other CMS frameworks including Drupal 7 and Wordpress.

Digital Marketing

Over a decade of experience crafting nonprofit and business marketing and communications.

Web Applcations

Lighting fast web applications built to solve your organization's unique needs.